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H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
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H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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Upgrade your gaming setup with the HINOMI H1 Pro Ergonomic Gaming Chair! Engineered for unmatched comfort and flexibility, this chair lets you enjoy long gaming sessions without discomfort. Featuring advanced adjustments and high-quality materials, it suits gamers of all sizes. Its ergonomic design minimizes fatigue and boosts focus, ensuring top performance during intense gaming marathons. Don’t compromise – choose the HINOMI H1 Pro and elevate your gaming experience now!

What are the key features of the HINOMI H1 Pro Ergonomic Gaming Chair?

The HINOMI H1 Pro is equipped with top-of-the-line features to provide optimal comfort and support. Assembling the chair is a breeze, making it a convenient choice for users.

  • Best 3D lumbar support
  • Flip-up 5D adjustable armrests
  • 16 adjustable points
  • FushionMax™ 3D headrest
  • Retractable leg rest
  • Easy to assemble (4 steps in 5 minutes by 1 person)
  • Suitable for many body types
  • weights up to 330 lbs
  • weights up to 136 kg

How does the H1 Pro Gaming V2 differ from the V1 model?

The V2 version of the H1 Pro Gaming introduces an upgraded 3D ErgoSwitch headrest with a dual-sided design: a curved surface for upright support and a flat surface for reclined comfort, enhancing neck support across various postures. Other features are consistent with the V1 model.

Feature H1 Pro V1 H1 Pro V2
Headrest Standard 3D headrest Upgraded 3D ErgoSwitch
Headrest Design Single-sided Dual-sided (curved for upright, flat for recline)
Support Type Basic neck support Enhanced neck support for various postures

What warranty does the HINOMI H1 Pro Gaming come with?

The HINOMI H1 Pro Gaming is built to last and comes with an extensive 12-year warranty, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction. For more details, please refer to our warranty policy page

What is the return policy for the HINOMI H1 Pro Ergonomic Gaming Chair?

If the HINOMI H1 Pro Gaming does not meet your expectations, we provide a 30-day risk-free return policy with free doorstep collection, ensuring a hassle-free return process. Full details are available in our return policy page.

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H1 Pro V2 Gaming Hero BannerH1 Pro V2 Gaming Hero Banner

The unparalleled comfort for your gaming marathon

Ergonomic design to support the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine: relieve spine pressure and pain. Always get your back so that you could focus better and achieve more. 

H1 Pro V2 Gaming


3D Lumbar Support

Unlike most gaming chairs with only lumbar pillow, the H1 PRO provides independent 3D adjustable lumbar support, bringing custom support and keeping you away from back pain, even with long hours of gaming session.

5-Level Adjustable Height

   5-Level Adjustable Height

4-Level Forward Support

4-Level Forward Support


Hinomi H1 Pro Gaming Chair v2 Leaning forward

Sitting up

Hinomi H1 Pro Gaming Chair v2 Sitting up straight


Hinomi H1 Pro Gaming Chair v2 Leaning backward
3D Lumbar Support Hinomi Gaming V2

Breathable and durable mesh from Germany

Let your skin breathe


150,000 Abrasion Testing


Fire-Resistant Approved


Standard 100 Health Guarantee


3D Headrest

Curved headrest, dynamic fit to protect the neck

The wide curved headrest moves vertically and tilts forward. It adapts perfectly to the neck, effectively alleviates neck strain, and guarantees maximum comfort especially in the reclining position.

45° Surface Rotation

H1 Pro V2 Gaming 90° Surface Rotation

9 cm Up and Down

H1 Pro V2 Gaming 4 cm Up and Down

10 cm Bracket Height & Rotation

H1 Pro V2 Gaming 10 cm Bracket Height & Rotation
Hinomi H1 Pro Gaming Chair v2 3D Headrest


Flip-Up 5D Armrest

Practical multifunctional design

Height, width, pivot, and depth adjustable armrests adapt to sitting postures, and reduce stress in the neck and shoulders. Also, by simply flipping them up, you could play instruments freely.

H1 Pro V2 Gaming 5D armrest


Max 136° Recline

Less pressure, 
More pleasure

A game changer. After the long gaming session simply pulls out the leg rest and changes to the reclining position to ease tension from your body and rest with ease. Boost energy instantly and get ready for new challenges.

H1 Pro V2 Gaming Max 136° Recline


Ultra Space Saving

The unique foldable frame allows you to fold the chair into half and tuck it under the desk. The flippable armrests also enable you to push the chair under a desk, even if it has a drawer. Save space in both ways.

H1 Pro V2 Gaming Frame

Goodbye pain, Hello comfort

With 16 adjustable elements, this chair can be diyed to fit your body profile perfectly.

Hinomi H1 Pro Gaming V2 - 16 adjustment points

Product Information




H1 PRO Ergonomic Gaming V2

Weight Capacity:

300 lbs  / 136 kg

Item Weight:

54 lbs / 24.5 kg

Shipping Demisions:

(Length x Width x Height)

30.3" x 27.6" x 19.7"
77 x 70 x 50 cm

Hydraulic Gas Piston:

Class 4


Polyelastomer and Polyester Woven Mesh/ PA&GF Frame / PU Armrest Pads

H1 Pro V2 Gaming Chair Standard
H1 Pro V2 Gaming Chair Standard
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3353 reviews
Michel D. (Terrebonne, CA)

HINOMI H1 Pro V2 Ergonomic Office Chair

Jeremy S. (Singapore, SG)
Comfortable and very functional

Switch from ergotune as the Hinomi H1 Pro V2 has the ability to lift the handle up, in order to push my chair all the way (due to my under table keyboard drawer). In addition the adjustable lumbar and sturdy head rest were very good and functional. Extendable leg rest was a game changer and allowed me to take naps during office break. Highly recommended and in my opinion the best ergonomic chair in the market

Fayzul I. (Kråkerøy, NO)
Super Comfortable Chair

I had been thinking about purchasing an ergonomic chair for 6 months and finally decided on the Hinomy H1 Pro after reviewing several options. The comfort level and the adjustments are excellent. I'm loving it.

CF (Singapore, SG)
Great chair

Received in good condition. Easy to manage and easy handle on installation. Great chair ever brought. Comfortable chair. Well recommend.

TIMOTHY H. (Piedmont, US)
Huge Upgrade

This chair is a huge upgrade from what I had been using. It arrived in a box that appeared to be almost bulletproof. Set up was quick and easy. So far, no complaints. On the other hand the desk I ordered is a different story. That review will be separate.

Best Office Chair EVER!!

After three decades of working in a corporate environment this chair by far supersedes all of the others over the years!! I’m almost tempted to move it into the living room. 🤗